Health Equity & Healthy Living

Health Equality - DR Congo ColoradoWe strongly believe that a persons’ health depends largely on the level of health equity available in a society. We define health equity as the absence of bias stereotypes among our people, irrespective of social, economic, cultural, or traditional background; and as P Braveman defined it, it is providing all people with fair opportunities to attain their full health potential to the extend possible. We honestly believe that health equity comprises the failure to avoid or overcome the type of discrimination that frequently impacts fairness and equality in basic human needs. Through advocacy programs, activities, and policy change, we will work toward health equity knowing that health is a basic human right. Health equity as the end of inequalities that affect racial, ethnic, low-income and other vulnerable populations, so that everyone will have fair and equal opportunities to achieve good health. It is affected by the social determinants of health, such as where we live, the education we receive, the work we do, the wages we earn and by our opportunities to make decisions that improve our own and our family’s health.

Most experts on health state that the type of food you eat influences the way your body functions daily, and making healthy food choices, eating healthy, and making meaningful healthy living choices will help improve the daily functions of the human body. It’s certainly essential and critical for our community to have the right choice of food to feed our families, but the means by which to make these critical healthy are limited in our community. Advocating for Congolese immigrant families to make healthy food and healthy living choices will empower them, so they can have a healthy and self-fulfilling life in their integration process in the U S A