Associates and Founders

Aggha Mwan - DR Congo ColoradoAggha Mwan

Mr. Mwan is a Co-founder of the United Congolese Societies of America; he brings with him hard leadership in business management and public relations. He’s an engineer in Electricity, and a graduate of Colorado University. He also holds a bachelor degree in Business Management from Kinshasa, D R Congo. He volunteered as Treasurer in the United Congolese Societies of America contributing better strategies for successful fundraising for the organization.

George Kabemba - DR Congo ColoradoGeorge Kabemba

Mr. Kabemba is a Co-founder and Finance Board Director of the United Congolese Societies of America and has 19 years of experience in analyzing financial and marketing conditions that make appropriate recommendations that increase transactions and maximizes market share. He was part of the financial team at the Denver Health Hospital and is responsible for financial analysis, planning and budgeting. His prior experience include working for Fortune 500 companies such as M&T Bank, AT&T, Western Union, and Lehman Brothers. Mr. Kabemba is a graduate of the State University of New York College at Buffalo and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance with a minor in Political Science.

Gola Kambembo - DR Congo ColoradoGola Kambembo

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Martins Kalanda - DR Congo ColoradoMartins Kalanda

Mr. Kalanda is a Co-founder and President of the Congolese Community in Colorado and has 15 years of experience in social media and management which is helping the organization grow its connections with the rest of the world, especially Congolese immigrants. He’s a graduate in Business Management from D R Congo. He is helping youth Congolese in Colorado to better integrate in society. From Connecticut to California his work is seen well by most people. Rebuilding our society here in Colorado is his priority.



Omari Zakwani - DR Congo ColoradoOmari Zakwani

Mr. Zakwani is a Co-founder and Vice- President of the Congolese Community in Colorado, born in Samba, Maniema, and raised in Katanga. He graduated from UniLu (University of Lubumbashi) with a degree in Economic Science. Mr. Zakwani has started his leadership skills since high school, and since college, he has become a strong activist. Fleeing the civil wars in D R Congo, Mr. Zakwani resettled first in refugee camps in the east of Africa for 5 years where he was an advocate and a leader defending the unrepresented and marginalized Congolese in Protection Camp Mukugwa in Tanzania, Mixed camp Nduta, as Food bank manager, Transit camp Kanembwa, and as public health sanitation inspector. With his wife, Amina Widongwe, both were advocates and leaders of most Congolese regugees. In 2010, he moved to Colorado through a Lutheran family service resettlement program. Here he demonstrates a strong ability to help in integration of multiple immigrants regardless of their origin. He was the founder of group Umoja in 2012, with the mission of helping new comers from East Congo and Africa. Umoja meaning Unity/ United, he has a strong vision since Africa, and he is still an advocate of unrepresented Congolese people here in Colorado. In 2014 he joined forces with other Congolese groups and association to help in the process of Congolese integration here in the U S.

Patrick Kaniki - DR Congo ColoradoPatrick Kaniki

Co- founder of Congolese Community in Colorado

He is the former Executive President of Congolese Community of Colorado, and now Executive Director of Congolese Community in Colorado.  He is holding a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, and pursuing his master in Medical Laboratory Science and Health Information Technology Management.

Root thoughts and beliefs

As a community, we, Congolese people living in the States, share many blessings and strengths, especially a tradition of religion freedom and political participation; we are a society built on the strength of our families, and are called to offer moral and economical supports for our family existence.

Here, in the States, we are pledged to pursue liberty and justice for all; let’s all bring this huge experience in serving those who are in need, educating our youth and women, caring for the weak, welcoming immigrants and refugees from home, and finally reaching out in community solidarity. We should be united, not divided, regardless of our differences, we’re all human. Let’s all come together again and build the future of our nation by being loyal to our local community organization.

“Our success as a nation is not measured by how many years we have governed or how many wars we have won. It is measured by the quality of life which we have created for the society that our ideals were founded upon. ”
Mathew Morgan

“As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser.”

We need each other to make the difference; our strength will rely on our unity. As one, we are stronger than anyone who is trying to distract and destroy us.

"L’union fait la force"

Frank Bondo - DR Congo Colorado

Frank Bondo

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Guy Masolokele - DR Congo Colorado

Guy Masolokele

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Special thanks to our co-founders:

Serge Fan, Dady Kaku, Bijou Bombole, and Jimmy Mukendi