Board of Directors

Ms. Bahati Shindano - DR Congo ColoradoMs. Bahati Shindano

Born in November 26, 1955 in Kasongo, Maniema Province, D R Congo. Fled the civil war in D R Congo, Mrs.Shindano was an African refugee women’s leader in Bamako, Mali (2004-2007). In Colorado, she promote women empowerment through activities such as knitting, sewing, dyeing, clothes for success, and breeding of farmyard animals and growth and production of farm crop.




Mac Lushimba - DR Congo ColoradoMac Lushimba

He was born in Kolwezi town, Katanga province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo in April 1967. He graduated in teaching education at Lubumbashi University and taught French and English at secondary schools in Kolwezi.

(1992-1999) – He created a center of English as second language in Kolwezi to help people in the community to learn this language

He left Kolwezi during the war due to a security problem, and entered Namibia as an asylum seeker where he spent 4 years (2002-2006). Although life was not easy and conditions not propitious for refugees to lead a decent life, Mac Lushimba volunteered as a community pioneer by teaching English as second language to refugees; and also created “the Association for the Defense of Refugee Rights-ADR” to voice asylum seekers concerns as the Namibian government was violating the Geneva Convention on Refugees and its 1998 Protocol by denying asylum seekers the right to have a refugee status and freedom of movement by just confining them to Osire camp. He also closely worked with the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Namibia now Namrights to defend the rights of these up-rooted people.

He also founded a newsletter “Voice of Refugees” as a tool to gather information about the condition in which asylum seekers were forced to live, and make it known to the rest of the world.

He was also among the refugee community leaders who several times lead peaceful refugee demonstrations and protests claiming for refugee rights. A couple of times he was arrested with other refugee rights defenders, jailed and taken to court. But each time he and his friends were not found guilty and were acquitted until he left Namibian in September 2006 for the United States.

Upon his arrival to the US, Mac Lushimba was invited to testify before the US Committee for Refugees (USCRI) and some US Congress staff in Washington DC (December 2006) and the Ethiopian Community Development Center ECDC in Arlington, VA (April 2007), Denver University (DU) (2010) and Denver Metropolitan College (2011) on his activities as a Refugee Rights Activist in Namibia.

 Since his arrival in the United States, Mac Lushimba has served the African community in translating and interpreting and offering other services like taking people to hospital appointments, government offices for public assistance such as to get an ID, to write the test for Driver’s license, etc

Mac Lushimba knows what it takes to work with and for the minorities, to organize a community and serve it with honesty, sense of justice and vision for success in many fields.

Alex Kasans - DR Congo ColoradoAlex Kasans

School Board Chairman in Osire Refugee Camp Namibia for 3 years, as a chairman of school board Alex over saw school budget and executive decision making in process of hiring school staff. Then he became a Human Right activist for Social Affairs in Osire Refugee camp for 6 years as he was more playing a role of intermediator between refugee community and local province and national government in Namibia. In his very last years in Namibia before he was resettled to the United States, he also was soccer team coach.



Prince Bukasa - DR Congo ColoradoPrince Bukasa

He is a civil rights activist and a social activist. He worked with organizations that enforce, empower, and defend the rights of women as well as children within society. He also worked at Red Cross, where we cared for those who had injuries from war and those who obtained injuries from community accidents. From there, he worked with an organization whose responsibility was to improve the health of children who had malnutrition, and starvation. It is in his intention to defend the rights of women and children as well as improve social groups and assist them.