History - DR Congo ColoradoThe United Congolese Societies of America, also known as C C C, was founded by a group of Congolese community leaders with diverse cultural, tribal and traditional background from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in April 2009 with the hope of helping members of the Congolese community to resettle, integrate and lead a self-fulfilling life in Colorado. This group recognizes the importance of addressing the basic human needs of newly arrived Congolese immigrants resettling in Colorado. The new leaders of this generation saw the need to organize a community-based to help support and the resettlement and integration process of Congolese people seeking refuge and safety in Colorado because over the years, the United Congolese Societies of America has grown from a membership of about 200 to 3000 Congolese people resettled in Colorado. To achieve our goal of community integration and empowerment, about 6 marginalized Congolese organizations came together and built the United Congolese Societies of America to face the challenges associated with the integration and resettlement process that impact the lives of every Congolese immigrant in Colorado. Over the past years, the United Congolese Societies of America has built a more stable organizational structure after it applied for and was granted a 501c3 status. Working together with advocacy, integration,and empowerment agencies, the United Congolese Societies of America has exceedingly provided helping hand to its members and communities to become independent and lead a healthy and productive life in Colorado.